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Habu Bows has been engineering, developing and producing finely crafted traditional bows for over a quarter-century. Meticulous attention to detail and innovative designs are driven with the bowhunter in mind. Habu bows defines the pinnacle of traditional hunting bows. Named after Asia’s pit viper, they are each created with the same deadly qualities as their namesake: speed, accuracy and striking power! These capabilities, together with a flawless draw and vibration-free release, combine to make Habu the choice of successful archers around the globe.

Own the finest. Own a Habu!

Email us: info@habubows.com

PRICING (11% of every purchase goes towards federal excise tax used to support wildlife
Complete Bow Price $2,250.00
Limbs Only Price $1,400.00
Habu Quiver $135.00
Hood Foam (replacement) $15.00
Flemish Twist String (cat whiskers installed) $25.00


(Mainland USA rates below, international rates TBD as required)

Bow $75.00
Bow plus extra limbs (single box) $85.00
Accessories or components only TBD/as required